After-sales Service

After-sales Service

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Service Commitment of Beifa Group Beijing Valve Co., Ltd.

If the company's products have quality problems, after receiving the customer's notice, the service staff will arrive at the scene to deal with it within 24 hours. During inspection, installation, start-up and normal operation, we provide free after-sales service and training.

1 Our company's on-site technical service scope:

1.1 In the bidding stage, our company will provide the on-site service plan as shown in the following table, which will be confirmed by the bidder; if the on-site service personnel cannot meet the needs of the project, the bidder has the right to request us to increase the number of on-site service days, and the cost will be borne by us. Confirmed by the tenderer.

1.2 On-site service plan of Beifa Group Beijing Valve Co., Ltd.


Serial number

Technical service content Planned man-days Composition of dispatched personnel Remarks

job title

Number of people



Installation guide

1 day


1 person




1 day


1 person



Performance test

1 day


1 person



Delivery acceptance

1 day


1 person



2 Our company's basic requirements for on-site service personnel:

2.1 Abide by laws and regulations, and abide by the rules and regulations on site;

2.2 Have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

2.3 Understand the design of contract equipment, be familiar with its structure, and be able to conduct on-site guidance correctly;

2.4 Be healthy and adapt to the working conditions on site.


3. Responsibilities of on-site service personnel of our company:

3.1 The tasks of on-site service personnel include unpacking inspection, quality problem handling, guiding installation and commissioning, participating in trial operation and performance acceptance, etc.

3.2 Before installation and commissioning, on-site service personnel will make technical clarifications to the owner.

3.3 The on-site service personnel of our company have the right to deal with all technical and business issues that arise on site.

3.4 The company is fully responsible for all actions of its on-site service personnel.

3.5 The normal coming and going and replacement of on-site service personnel of our company shall be negotiated with the owner in advance.

4 Training:

4.1 The company is responsible for providing corresponding technical training, and the training content is consistent with the engineering requirements.

4.3 The specific content such as the time, number and location of the training shall be negotiated by both parties.

5 After-sales service commitment: timely provide the buyer with all technical data and drawings as stipulated in the contract. When necessary, the purchaser is invited to participate in the technical design review. Provide technical services on site at the time required by the purchaser, and guide the purchaser in installation and trial production. Strictly implement the minutes of meetings held by the supply and demand parties or signed agreements on relevant issues. According to the contract, organize business training courses on equipment installation, commissioning, use, and maintenance technology for the demander; strengthen pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, and integrate "24-hour service", "pre-start service", and "full-process service" "Life-long service" is used to the whole process of product manufacturing, installation, debugging, and overhaul; after receiving the quality problem information reflected by the purchaser, it will reply within 24 hours or dispatch service personnel to arrive at the scene as soon as possible. Users are not satisfied with the quality, and the service does not stop. Meet the demander's requirements for spare parts at any time. No matter under any circumstances, we will never create difficulties for the demand side for any reason.


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